It is definitely an urban myth that house-hunters and home-sellers drop off the property market radar from early December until late January – at least in latter years.  Understandably, most Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and Solicitor practices are closed for a few days invariably from lunchtime on the last  working day before Christmas, which incidentally this year will be Friday 22nd December, and usually the break will extend until the first official day back at work for most of us after New Year’s Day, which will be Tuesday 2nd January 2018.  So yes, there is a natural break of around ten days or so over the actual festive period, but anyone who is seriously looking for their next home will invariably be cruising the websites over this enforced rest period, making vigorous notes of potential properties to view once the last of the New Year champagne has been consumed, and possibly using the time to fill out those endless mortgage questionnaires!  Similarly, those who are keen to sell recognise that there will be a lull during the Christmas break, but nonetheless, once the New Year is upon us, will want to sweep away the tinsel and mistletoe in readiness for future viewings.  So the tip would be  that if you are looking to purchase, use your possible time off to have a drive around the  areas that are of interest to you, making a shortlist of potential streets that are particularly appealing.  Once armed with more information, your web search will help to narrow down the options that are closest to your property criteria, and hopefully you will be ready to view those that are selected as soon as possible.  Likewise, if you are eager to resume the marketing of your property in the New Year, it may be a good opportunity over the break to have a bit of a spring clean and general tidy up, ensuring the outside as well as the inside of your home is showing well.  In general, the beginning of a new year envokes a feeling of moving forward – whether this be in your personal, work, or home life – so whilst you are endeavouring to shift the excess pounds of ‘holiday fayre’ on that treadmill, you are probably also gearing up mentally to move home!

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  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Tracey and Casey for all your hard work and advice in helping us to get Northiam. Although there is a lot of work to do to the house, we have moved in and plans are almost finalised and actually the place already feels like home. I think it will be an amazing home for us all and we appreciate so much the lengths you all went to in order to make this happen. Tracey deserves a special mention. She put up with me (dealt with me / tolerated me) amazingly well! If she hasn’t had one already, she definitely deserves a huge New Year’s pay rise!

    - SC
  • Dear Jordan, David and I are both glad that that exchange has been achieved smoothly. Thank you for all the work you have done in enabling us to get to this stage.

    - JM
  • You are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I couldn’t do it without you and Stephen
    I really really appreciate your support!

    - AW
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to commend how professional, courteous and helpful Casey has been throughout the time we searched and rented our property in Lullington Garth.
    Having dealt with many agents when either buying, selling or renting, he has by far been the most decent and diligent and a great ambassador for your company. People are often quick to complain but sometimes less so in giving praise so I thought it would be good to drop you a line.

    - GD
  • Tracey, thank you very much for all you have done to help us get this over the line! You’ve been great and we really appreciate it.

    - ES
  • Dear Casey, just a little thank you for all your help in trying to find us new tenants.  We appreciate all your hard work!

    - AD
  • “Oliver, Jordan and Vivien at Real Estates in Totteridge are the only agents worth considering if you are selling in the area. They worked as a team to go beyond the extra mile and provided a bespoke 360 degree service from helping us sell, helping us find our dream home, whilst also securing the perfect off-market short term let using their own contacts…it does not get much better than that!”

    - MG
  • Jordan, thank you very much.  You are a star!  I have relocated 3 times so far and involved in buying and selling property.  You are the most dedicated agent I have ever met.  Thanks again for your great help.

    - FY
  • Woodside Park is one of the most appealing neighbourhoods in N. London and Chiddingfold is probably one of the most desirable streets.  Our house was on Chiddingfold so there was every reason why it should have sold quickly and at a good price.  However, it did not sell quickly because initially we didn’t have the right estate agent.  The reason we chose the wrong one is because he set a very high price for our property.  Our mistake was in confusing a high price with the right price.  It didn’t take long before we realised our mistake.  Weeks went by without visits from potential buyers.  That told us that we were not at the right price.  As soon as we were able, we switched to the right firm “REAL ESTATES” headed by the right estate agent.

    - JG
  • Stephen knew what the right prices were for properties in Woodside Park and Chiddingfold.  Very quickly we had many visits by potential buyers and soon we had two offers on the property.  But our difficulties were not finished.  It turns out that the deed listed at the registry office showed that there was an outstanding mortgage on the property.  This was an error as there was not outstanding mortgage.  However, only the bank listed on the deed could remove this and until it was removed, no sale was possible.  This was a problem our lawyer would need to get corrected.  It was not something that the estate agent would solve.  However, Stephen made supreme efforts with the lawyer and the bank to insure that this would be settled.  Thanks to his efforts, it was finally corrected.  I have no doubts that it would have dragged on for weeks if he had not pushed everyone to get it corrected.  Most estate agents would not have gone beyond their normal sphere of activity.  This firm takes a serious interest in all the properties they represent.  That is why we can definitely state that this company is the absolute right one if you want to sell in the Woodside Park/Totteridge area.

    - MLB